How to install

Please make sure to install homebrew before you install Steward.

The following command will take care of everything for you. It will download the latest executable to /usr/local/bin and apply the executable permissions with chmod +x /usr/local/bin/stew. It will finish with the command stew boot and ask you if you want to install the dependencies if they seem absent.

bash <(curl -s

Afterwards, you can run the following to verify that everything is working correctly.

stew stack:status

Install and boot the stack

Steward can install, (re)boot and update all services with a single command. It doesn't modify any configuration files and maintains compatibility with the default homebrew setup for php.

stew boot

When everything is OK, you will see a similar output as below.

> [OK] Steward 0.1.10 // [Php]: 7.1.32 // [Caddy]: 1.0.3 // [Dnsmasq]: 2.80