Steward is a minimal, ultra fast php development stack manager for macOS. It includes a few tools to take away all of the annoying repetitive tasks that you used deal with on a daily basis.

Why use Steward?

The key difference compared to other php dev stack managers is that Steward is kept as fast and minimal as possible in order to avoid clutter, maintain compatibility with homebrew and allow for easy (or easier) troubleshooting.
No more hosts files, no virtual hosts, (almost) no sudo, no dependencies, no homebrew-update-phobia and no clutter. Have your php development stack up and running within minutes.
Steward consists of one single .phar file that has all dependencies included, which also means steward should be compatible with most PHP versions. Also: you don’t have to install Steward with composer, so there will be no more composer global dependency conflicts.

Main features tl;dr

    Quick and easy set-up
    Single .phar executable
    Eliminate DNS maintenance
    Eliminate vhost maintenance
    Switch php versions
    Xdebug on/off
    Expose local site
    Automatic https for local sites
    Compatibility with homebrew
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